Ganache Troubleshooting

Ganache Troubleshooting

Is your ganache not setting ? We've put together our top tips to make sure you make the best ganache possible!

Step one make sure you are using the correct Ingredients:


Use a cream with 35-40% fat content. You can find this information in the nutritional info on the container

Ireland - Single/Fresh Cream
UK - whipping Cream
Do not use imitation cream like elmlea!

Finding the right Chocolate:

You must use real chocolate. Any chocolate containing veg fat will likely not set. The fat in proper chocolate is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is what will help it set really well. We love using Belcolade, callebeaut Choco which can be found in most cake shops.  You can also use supermarket brands and they work perfectly, as long as they are real chocolate and do not contain veg oil in the ingredients. 

Make sure you use the correct ratios !

Dark chocolate 2:1 ( 1kg dark chocolate : 500g Cream )

Milk Chocolate 2.5:1 ( 1kg Milk chocolate : 400g Cream )

White Chocolate 3:1 ( 1kg white chocolate : 330g Cream )

And then lastly make sure not to over heat your ganache !

White chocolate and milk chocolate can be VERY temperamental. Make sure to watch our video by pressing here on how to make white chocolate ganache. We recccomend following the same steps for milk chocolate ganache.

And also if you do split your ganache here's a video on how to fix it ! We got you !
White chocolate ganache: 
If you make your white chocolate ganache and it Looks like this it will not set. The consistency is thicker and gloopy and super shiny almost oily.  But don't panick it is easily fixed! Check out our video by pressing this link 
This is how your white chocolate ganache should look like. The consistency is much thinner and not as shiny. This will pour into you Frost Form super easy and set perfectly.
I hope you found all that helpful, if you ever have any questions or need anymore help reach out to us on Instagram FB and via our email

Happy caking, Emily x
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