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Colour Mill - Aqua Based Colouring - Tropical Pack (20ml x 6)

Colour Mill - Aqua Based Colouring - Tropical Pack (20ml x 6)

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Tropic like it's hot with these 6 fruity hues. One drop and you'll be relaxing beachside, cocktail in one hand and a slice of cake in the other.

What is it? 

With Oil, Royal can spoil & Macs can crack, so our unique Aqua Blend pigments are your best friend for turning oil & fat sensitive products into bold & brilliant bakes.

How to use it?

Before getting started, use the bottle lid to pop a hole in the seal and give the bottle a good shake. Our pigments pack a punch so take it slow when colouring, starting with just a few drops and mixing as you go. Tip: If you have time and for the best results, let your mixture sit overnight.

Where to use it?

Our Aqua Blend pigments are perfect for colouring oil & fat sensitive products that are best enjoyed dry. They can be used to colour Royal Icing, Macarons, Meringue, Fondant, Jellies, Beverages & more!


Water, Colours (E102*, 110*, 133, 172, 129*, 120), Emulsifiers (E433, E405), Thickener (E418, E407) and Preservatives (E211, E202)

AZO Warning: This product may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.


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