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Frost Plates - Round

Frost Plates - Round

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We've taken ganache/buttercream plates to the next level ! 

No more cutting parchment or wrapping your plates in Clingfilm. Our Frost Plate comes with 0.5mm a reusable liner so it is super easy to remove your Frost Plate and then easily peel off your Frost Plate Liner with no mess to clean up! YAY! 

Simply attach your Frost Plate to your Frost Liner with some ganache or buttercream and your ready to go! 

Our Frost Plates also include a handy guide to make sure your cake is centered

Our Frost Plates are made of a high quality Frosted Material which means it does not scratch easily. They are also coloured to allow you to easily identify sizes, plus it's super pretty !

Our original Frost Form kit will always be our number one but we wanted to give you die hard ganache plates lovers something that will make your cake life easier too! ( And we will continue to try convince you the Frost Form kit is epic too 😉 )

Our Frost Plates are 1/2" (1.27cm) bigger then your cake meaning you don't need to trim your cakes. If you guys want a smaller size let us know and we can do that for you. Please email





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