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FROST FORM - Extra Tall Liner - 10" High (Rest of kit not included)

FROST FORM - Extra Tall Liner - 10" High (Rest of kit not included)

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Please note: This is an add on item for your Frost Form kit. You must have the full kit already to use this liner. Our Extra tall liner is best suited to frostings that are a liquid consistency before setting such as ganache. 

To be used with our FROST FORM™️ Form. The Liners main function is to allow you to easily remove your cake from your former. Check out all the other reasons its awesome! 

Includes FROST FORM™️ liner only (no base liner included)


  • A handy ruler to check the height of your cake and to make sure your cake is level ! 
  • Clear material allows you to accurately fill your form right to the bottom and make sure its bubble free!
  • Clasp to keep your liner flush and out of the way.
  • Firm but flexible highest food grade material. 
  • Recycleable and reusable.
  • Make cakes up 10" high.
  • Can be used to make many cakes including Chocolate Biscuit cakes, Mousses, Ice Cream cakes, No-bake Cheesecakes and much more!
  • BPA free & is one of the safest plastics for food use. No nasties here !  

You can find tutorials, tips, tricks and more on our Facebook and Instagram. 

Please note: Frost Form liners are sized to fit into our Formers only so that the clip and circumference is correct. The liner clip may not work in tins as they are all different sizes depending on manufacturing

This is a worldwide patent pending product.

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