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Flexi Frost - Set of 2

Flexi Frost - Set of 2

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Introducing Flexi Frost – the ultimate solution for achieving flawlessly smooth cakes every time. Say goodbye to the hassle of rigid frosting plates that dent your creations and require tedious lining with parchment or clingfilm. With Flexi Frost, you’ll experience unparalleled ease and precision.

Crafted from flexible yet sturdy food-safe plastic, Flexi Frost provides the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness. Its innovative design ensures a seamless application of ganache or buttercream, allowing you to achieve sharp edges effortlessly.

No more struggles with removal – simply peel off Flexi Frost once your masterpiece is set. Each packet includes two plates and a detailed picture tutorial, empowering you to create professional-quality cakes with ease.

Make cake decorating a breeze with Flexi Frost – hand washable and ready to elevate your baking experience.

Here's a concise guide to selecting the ideal Flexi Frost size for your cake:

1. **Consider Your Cake Size:** If you're baking a 6" cake, the perfect fit is our 6.5" Flexi Frost plates.

2. **Optimal Frosting Thickness:** Using the 6.5" Flexi Frost ensures a consistent 1/4" layer of frosting on both sides of your cake.

By following this straightforward recommendation, you'll effortlessly achieve professional-looking cakes with precise frosting thickness every time.



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