Frost Form - Ultimate Vanilla Sponge Recipe

Frost Form - Ultimate Vanilla Sponge Recipe

Our Vanilla Sponge is super easy to make and most importantly yummy! 
We are all about making your cake life easy so this recipe does just that! Simply add all your ingredients to your bowl and mix! 
This sponge works really well with our Frost Form as its nice and stable meaning you don't need to stress about which cake recipe to use.
Our recipe is baked in 4 layers meaning no burnt/hard crusts and you will have lovely flat layers. YAY!
Save the below image to your phone or print out an even laminate it if you feeling fancy! We have added the ingredient amounts you will need to bake your cakes for each of your Frost Form sizes. As we add sizes and shape we will update this handy chart. 
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Sending all the cake love, Emily xx
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Nice information thank you very much.
How to get frost form to gulf countries (Oman) how much it costs?


Do you have a go to chocolate sponge recipe?

Lisa Sullivan

Hi Emily is there any way to print the recipe on one page as when I go to print it’s cut between 2 pages
Many thanks Victoria Chadwick

Victoria Chadwick

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