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Frost Form - 6" Round Stencil - Knit

Frost Form - 6" Round Stencil - Knit

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IMPORTANT: You must purchase the Frost Form Stencil - 6" Round - Former base and Base liner to use these stencil with your kit ( Sold separately )

We've taken Stenciling to a whole new level! 

Create flawless Stenciled cakes using your Frost From™️ Stencils with your Frost Form™️ kit.

Simply put your Stencil around and into you Form first, then your liner and use as normal. Once set remove your liner and dust or paint some color onto your cakes if desired and peel to reveal your epic stenciled cake! 

Our Frost Form Stencils are MULTIPURPOSE! 

You can also use your Frost Form ™️ stencil to stencil your cakes as normal. The Extra Large Stencil wraps the whole way around your Perfectly straight cakes made using your Frost Form. This means you can stencil your cake in one go and no fuss with little to no room for error.  YAY! 

Stencil size : 

Frost Form stencilling system is patent pending worldwide 🌍


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