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FROST FINISHER - Set of 3 detailing Scrapers

FROST FINISHER - Set of 3 detailing Scrapers

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Step one of being a good Caker is to have the right tools to make your cake life as easy as possible 💪

That's why we developed the Frost Finisher 🥰

Frost Finisher Scrapers are a set of 3 Detailing Scrapers designed specifically for your FROST FORM™️ cakes and more 💕

✅ 3 sided multipurpose Scraper.
✅ Curved side for erasing the seam from your liner join in one swipe 💕
✅ Ergonomic handle for scraping your frosting at the top of your FROST FORM™️ with ease!
✅ 3 Sizes, perfect for every size cake blemish.
✅ Right angle corner, which curves off to leave no marks. Perfect for tidying up the join between your cake and board or between your cake tiers.


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